Being a client-centric company, we help to scale the heights of success by offering personalized staffing & recruitment services. We have developed our core competence in the field of Staffing, workforce planning, and other various Human resource practices. Our holistic approach to pro-active customer service has helped us carve a niche for ourselves in the industry.

We understand the industry and the needs of our clients and utilize our resources to fulfill those needs in a reasonably optimal way. Based on the feedback from our clients, we endeavour to improve the quality standard and offer international standard services.

Onama core strength is our well-trained & experienced staffs who work on the principle of “Journey of Miles Start with Single Step” under the dynamic leadership of HR professionals who are having experience in specialized Multi-Level Recruitment. This way we not only save time but also help our clients recruit suitable staff in short time.

Onama offers sophisticated placement and staffing services in the IT sectors. Currently, we have the following models defined for our service delivery.

Through this model Onama provides skilled professionals at client’s site for a defined period of 6 months to 1 year. The professionals will be on Onama rolls and would be carrying out the assigned tasks as defined by the client. Onama ensures that the professionals deputed at client’s location adhere to the standards defined by the client. Organisations that require skilled professionals for a particular assignment opt for this model, enabling them to hire the right professional for the required period of time.

We provide contract hires in many capacities according to the needs of our clients.

This entails providing a professional(s) on an agreed amount of time on a contractual basis. Upon the expiry of the contract, the professional is elevated for permanent hiring. This gives a client the ability to scrutinize the employee’s performance without having to hire him/her permanently.

It’s simple. We get you appropriately qualified and experienced professional(s) to join you on a permanent basis.

When it comes to major recruitment drives, we provide our clients with a crack team of recruiters, a project manager and required administrative support. Clients benefit from this approach as the dedicated team understands their needs well and provides consistent results over a period of time.

The Recruitment Process followed by Onama

  • Need Analysis

  • Source profiles from our existing bench resources, database and through referrals.

  • Match talent with requirements based on skills, experience and position.

  • Set up interviews for short-listed candidates.

  • Send evaluation reports to the client.

  • Study candidates’ backgrounds and check references.

  • Periodic feedback on the candidates performance.

The Recruitment Process followed by Onama

Onama Products

Onama partners with leading companies to provide end to end solution to its customers. As a part of Product development, Onama partners with leading companies to provide customized solution in the space of Manufacturing and Public sector


The most comprehensive and simple platform which tackles the critical performance parameters for any organization with ease. A platform that takes care of all your customer data, documents, communication and operations including invoicing and payment tracking, which is accessible across devices.

Enterprise Automation Suite (EAS) 

An end to end process automation suite for the manufacturing domain. Created in close association with a manufacturing company, offering unparalleled flexibility. Covering the entire flow from a sales enquiry to material dispatch, inventory planning and machine level production planning, it offers you something more than what the standard ERP would offer.

M2W: Machine to Web Automation

A unique and simple to use platform which can be used across domains. It communicates seamlessly with the machine controllers such as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to provide a layer to manage the application of the machine from anywhere. Our first forays in the field of Internet of Things, with current applications in Document & Material Storage & retrieval.


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