System Review

Information security is a key business issue. The reputation of a business can be significantly impacted by privacy, integrity, availability and safeguarding mechanisms of its information assets. Increasing threats to information due to theft, data loss, inadequate security policies and external attacks have caused severe legal and financial penalties. It has also increased scrutiny by media, regulators, and consumers.

  • Development standards definition and documentation audit

  • Version control and analysis

  • Research of critical / conflicting objects

  • CORE modifications violating best practices guidelines

  • Exits and enhancements violating best practices guidelines

  • Evaluate SAP Usage

  • Verify Business – config Gap

  • Identify Key Operational Indicators

  • Evaluate system, process and master data

  • Review user competency

  • Provide a road map for a single version of Truth!

    • Customizing functionality

    • Risk areas

    • User training

    • Usage improvements

    • Automation Areas

    • Productivity improvement areas

    • Reduction in Excel in the organization

  • Infrastructure Audit

  • Network Configuration Audit

  • VAPT

  • Capacity Audit

  • Provide a Roadmap for

    • Firewall Hardening

    • OS hardening

    • Application controls

    • Endpoint Protection

  • Program Management for SAP projects

  • IT Roadmap

  • Balance Scorecard

  • IT Certifications

  • ISO 27001 Certifications

  • IT Policy

  • PCIDSS implementation

  • Stock exchange compliance Audit


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